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Certified Appraisal Services


USPAP is a set of ethical and procedural regulations that are promulgated by the Appraisal Foundation and established by the United States Congress. Compliance with current USPAP regulations ensures that all appraisal reports are consistent with these requirements.

How Can we Help?


  • Valuations of Personal Property
  • Collection Management
  • Insurance Scheduling
  • Division of Property/Divorce
  • estate planning & Equitable Distribution
  • Art as Collateral
  • Insurance Claims (Loss or Damage)
  • Donations Exceeding $5,000 
  •  Expert Witness 


We provide certified appraisals of personal property for private collectors, executors, attorneys, fiduciaries and insurance professionals.  We offer appraisals for the purposes of family division for estates, equitable distribution of property in cases of divorce, charitable contribution to museums and institutions, collateralized loans, insurance replacement, loss/damage reports coverage updates for private collections.


All of our certified and confidential appraisal reports are compliant with both Internal Revenue Service guidelines and Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, (USPAP).

What is USPAP? And Why Is it Important?